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Friday, June 17, 2011

Crochet Rose

I saw these lovely roses, Becca from Amazing Paper Grace had one on her card the other day so i just had to try it too as i love crocheting. You can just google Strip rose and you'll get a lot of tutorials about it.I just love it and its so easy to do. Hope you like it too. it can be used for a hat, brooch,card etc,,,


  1. lovely Susan... I havent done any crocheting for a while, but now you and last week Sandra inspired me to take out the needles and wool again... ;p)
    if you can please email me the pattern you used
    shamela ;p)

  2. Beautiful rose. I do crocheting too. At the moment doing a granny squares throw. Could you give me the pattern/instructions for the rose please. Thanks. email