Christmas Countdown!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Christmas ornaments

Yip, time to think about Christmas!!!I made these 'homemade' Christmas ornaments for our crafties getogether, very easy ones that you can even do with the kids or grandkids. the crystal bead angel is just strung onto thread, the cone should have been a bit longer,misjudged myself here, but it can still be filled with candy, i made a swirly pattern on cardstock with glue, poured glitter all over it and let it dry.the rest is easy just stick down your lace and put a ribbon on. the star is made of 1 toilet roll cut into pieces after you cover it with a shiny paper, then cover the top and bottom with paper ,lay down and glue together, glitter, embellish etc,, very nice and easy to do. I saw all these ideas on the internet but i just look and do , dont keep url's,,i just do it once. Hope you like them too.


  1. Oh Susan, these are super! Look forward to Crafties now even more so!

  2. Thanks so much for these ideas, going to be doing them with my grandchildren.