Christmas Countdown!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010


I enjoy making my own envelopes when i hand deliver a card,I dont trust the postal services to send my cards in these,,hehehe
Here's how you can make it too:
I make my envelopes with serviettes and freezer paper that i got from overseas or you can use our local brown laminated paper.Take off all the layers of your serviette that you only have the 1 layer with the bright prints on it, scrunch it up into a bal and undo, lay the laminated side to the back of your serviette and iron it with a DRY iron. Iron slowly to really melt the laminated part to the wrong side of your serviette.The more wrinkled it is the nice it looks. Trace your template to the wrong side and cut out. I use a piece of x-ray in the middle to fold my flaps against, then score it and stick down. I've cut all the different envelope size centres from x-rays, makes life just easier this way. Put it onto your cut out envelope and fold to have a neat and square/rectangle envelope. Have fun!


  1. It is sooo special to receive one of you fantastic cards in a beautiful handmade envelope! You are really gifted! xx